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Deck Care: Your Home, Only Better

Many homeowners recognize the beauty and function of a wood deck. Unfortunately, this beauty is somewhat short-lived. A maintenance schedule of 1-3 years is strongly recommended. The longevity of a deck finish depends on initial preparation, quality deck stain and exposure to sunlight and weather.

Inspection: First things, first. Slowly and carefully review your deck looking for any loose boards, rails and/or rotting wood. Signs of rotting wood include discoloration, mold and can be soft when touched. Repairing any of these troublespots are the first step in refinishing any deck.

Preparation: Remove any loose surface finishes, mold or mildew. Bleaching, power washing, sanding may be necessary to restore the glory of your wood deck. At this point, to maximize the surface absorption of the deck stain/sealer the deck must dry for 1-2 days (without rain) before we can proceed.

sealers: Always choose a water-repellant stain! Other than that, you have two color choices: lightly tinted or solid color. Your choice depends on the overall look you desire. Typically, the more color the longer the lifespan. Depending on the deck layout the color is applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer.

Refinishing a wood deck can be a difficult and exhausting task for do-it-yourself homeowners; especially if the deck has been neglected for a while! Contact Us to see how we may be of additional assistance with your deck care and maintenance.

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