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Color choices: Selecting great colors can be simple. Pick up a few copies of home decorating magazines. The featured homes, and even those in the advertisements, will often be painted with the current trends in colors. Hold the pages next to your major pieces of furniture, and your flooring, to get a sense for if they will match with your decor. Try the color visualizer from Sherwin Williams. An online tool to help homeowners discover how coordinating colors can bringing an idea to life. (Please note, colors on your screen may be different than the actual paint color. If you find a color you like: write down the name and number, get a paint chip of that color at your local Sherwin Williams store. Take the chip home to ensure that color matches your room, with your lighting, during the day and night!)

The size and shape of your room can also influence the interior paint colors you choose. Dark colors can make a room appear smaller; lighter colors can make it seem bigger. Want a long narrow room to appear wider? Select a darker shade for the narrow walls and choose a lighter shade for the long walls.

Quality paint & materials: A common reason why most people have painting problems is selection of materials. Usually you get exactly what you pay for, paint and painting materials being no exception. Invest in a quality product from the start. After all, you don't want to be painting your house again in 12 months because of cheap paint and materials. Quality paint and materials will last longer and "look better" longer without quick fading.

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